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After getting inspired from Matt Cutts, I have decided to create and follow my own 30 days challenges. They would be anything – at times insane, at times meaningful, at times improvising me, get the drift? So Without much ado.

This month’s challenge is not to update more than three (3) updates everyday and not to exceed a total of a hundred (100) updates by the month end. This does not include the links that I’d share. I would try to number the status updates to keep a track on them.

I hope this helps me with my Facebook addiction.

Will update about the challenge in the month end and come up with a new challenge.


Yours truly.

Originally posted here. –> https://plus.google.com/111357635488575720255/posts/ZeWXV7Cd11M


Previously I devised a strategy for my online life and its time I revise it again.

So here is what has happened of it.

  • Unliking fan pages is on. I am unliking unwanted pages that are unwanted.
  • Although I am not unfriending friends but I am Unsubscribing from friends who post irrelevant updates.

This has reduced the noise significantly and I am now happy but not satisfied using Facebook. Hence tweaking my newsfeed would continue.

To be honest Twtter is addictive but it is currently not for me. Why?

  1. My updates easily cross 140 character limit. And it is time consuming to shorten every tweet. Heck some tweets aren’t even qualified to be shortened!
  2. It is difficult for me to constantly keep updating on twitter.
  3. The ROI of my valuable time is very less or almost null. Even my old Google Plus account has more ROI – more people added me in their circles even thought I seldom used it.
  4. Hence I’d only use it as new aggregator.


Although Google Plus is great (it got me ranked in Google SERP :D)

Will update all the posts of Hack-a-path over there. I want to most past the It’s a ghost town thingy.

I don’t want to hurry here. Will go slow.


Its on schedule. Will blogs when I’d get time and feel to.

Other Social Networks

Same as above.

More updates to follow.

One of my friend bought a domain at the start of this month to blog upon. Initially I didn’t care for his host and platform as I thought he’d be using Blogger/BlogSpot (mapping it on his current BlogSpot blog) as his platform/host. But yesterday I saw that he mentioned that his site is down and his host had pulled it down. Out of curiosity I read the thread and came to know that it was for traffic. 30k traffic in two days. Will come to traffic later. The thread further had some discussion the CMS, platform, etc.

My reply to him and his friend

  • Never use wordpress.com (if you are a geek and know coding and more importantly if you have a domain.)

You have bought the domain for around 11$ and even know some coding. Then why do you want to go for wordpress.com $18 a year, unlimited bandwidth and 3GB storage. LOL. Doesn’t BlogSpot offer unlimited bandwidth and if I am not wrong unlimited storage for images?

I have two of my blogs hosted on WordPress.com. The point is that WordPress.com does not allow you to add anything in the header of your blog. Thus you cant add Analytics, verify your domain on Alexa, and any Java script to your header. You cant edit the CSS of the theme for free, to do this you have to pay more in addition to $18 a year. You cant add sidebar widgets to your blog. You cant change the feed address to feedburners’. Any many more stuffs are not allowed. Thus I would not recommend burning $18 on WordPress.com when you have blogger who can do all of this for free.

It is not that WordPress.com is bad its good for non geeks. It makes sure there are no errors in your blog by not allowing you to the features mentioned above. Thus for highly non geek it is highly recommended.

  • If you used WordPress.org CMS on a host for few days even if it is a free host with very less bandwidth then

Don’t move back to blogger. You used wordpress so that you can do SEO, add plugins and gain traffic and now when you gain traffic your site crashed. So why move to blogger and miss out SEO and the goodies that wordpress provides? Just get a host that offers decent bandwidth and storage. You want to make money don’t you? You cant expect much if you don’t invest in your blog.

  • 30k traffic in two days for 17 day old blog.

If this is real then the blog should be in Indian Bloggers’ hall of fame. Seriously, no offence. But for a 17 day blog it is next to impossible unless some money is spent in the marketing, the blogger is famous, or Google is maherban (favoring) despite the Panda and Penguin still at large.

It must be an attack on the blog, nothing else explains it.

Don’t agree with me then show me the Google Analytics Report or the default analytics that come with WordPress or show me Stat Counter stats. The Google analytics report should be very very low for organic traffic, social and referral sources as DT’s reach is not that of 30k people and very very high for search traffic.

Moreover DT is notorious for having Google Analytics code installed more than once on his blog. If a blog has Google Analytics code more than once than it shows very very very high traffic.

If it is really 30k then I am sorry to say it is not converting. The fan page count is still at 31.

I hope you get what I mean to.

05:37 PM

As my exams are about to begin i will not be blogging till 23rd of april.



Facebook Hackers Cup

12:51 PM

Last night I had an interesting and motivating chat with one of my reverend friend. He told me about <title of post> 2012.

Here are some of the links:




Actually I should have posted this last night (morning as it was too late) but I was feeling lazy and tired hence I didn’t post it yesterday. :/ While i was chatting with him I developed the algorithm for ‘Studious Student’ from qualifying round of Facebook Hacker’s Cup2011. :)


The WALL retires, at 39?

08:56 PM

A legend retired today and the world was all over him today. I would not like to add much as everything has already been said about Jammy.

This is what I updated on facebook (I had decided not to use facebook for a month but Jammy got me out from hibernation. I need not say much.)

Would love to see everyone’s facial expression when we’ll be 19/1 given that the GOD would STILL be with us. Everytime the GOD said win it on your own, why i need always be the one, he said lets do it and he did better than the god. When there was no suitable guy to stand behind the stumps he said i’ll do it and he did better than anyone had done it before, even better than the present guy. He never was a wall, he was a firewall that blocked all the incoming attacks. Ppl enjoy watching highlights of other player but you can never enjoy his highlights because his innings never came in clusters, they were always continuous – ball after ball. Lucky to have seen many of them. For ppl saying he played slow and was never, technically, a one day player – he is the greatest no 3 batsman in one days too. The only wrong thing that he did was hanging up his boots when the god is STILL atlarge, will never forgive him for this. I am blessed to share something common with him – my name. Ever grateful to my parents for this. To all the Sachins and his fans – you cant enjoy that. He’s greatest legend that we have had, and i’ll will say it on any other day, even on the doom’s day when GOD will hang his boots. :’) :'(

What I learnt from him? To always be humble and polite, give in for your team, never loose your cool, consistency, hard work, etc. I hope to follow these in my life. I will post the bookmarks that i saved regarding ‘the Wall.’

RJ Rahul

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